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This virtual reality first person shooter from Skydance Interactive; TWD: Saints & Sinners is possibly one of the most fun VR games I've played. From the story, to it's giant world, to all the RPG elements. It's one of the only VR games that feels full length. From choosing your voice, to skin color. I love how you can craft things, and store things you pick up in your backpack like Fallout. The world is creepy and the fighting is so genuine. My favorite is that you have the stab zombies in the head and physically have to pull your...

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The sword fighting virtual reality experience from Schell Games is an amazing game. I'm amazed at how the fighting feels, though difficult, it feels like real fantasy fighting. The music adds to experience by giving that "I'm a warrior" feel. The moving is a bit rough, but that comes with the virtual reality genre of games. The RPG elements add a great deal of fulfillment. Like upgrading your weapons and the special powers. Until You Fall is definitely a must play for an VR Gamers. - FazeDefeatz "7/10" How did you guys like Until You Fall?Let us know in the...

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The newest addition to the rhythm based universe of video games, Synth Riders takes the stage by storm with it's amazing array of non-mainstream soundtrack. The big question, how does it compare to the crowd favorite: Beat Saber? Beat Saber is more of a party game, like Guitar Hero. With it's mainstream soundtrack, of songs of all lengths and genres. Whereas Synth Riders feels more like a DDR x Creed game. It almost makes you dance like DDR, but you gotta hit the beats like your punching. Once you get the swing of it, it's an amazing experience. I only...

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