Synth Riders Review (Playstation VR)

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Synth Riders Review (Playstation VR)

The newest addition to the rhythm based universe of video games, Synth Riders takes the stage by storm with it's amazing array of non-mainstream soundtrack. The big question, how does it compare to the crowd favorite: Beat Saber? Beat Saber is more of a party game, like Guitar Hero. With it's mainstream soundtrack, of songs of all lengths and genres. Whereas Synth Riders feels more like a DDR x Creed game. It almost makes you dance like DDR, but you gotta hit the beats like your punching. Once you get the swing of it, it's an amazing experience. I only played a little off it, and I fell in love. The songs are none I've ever heard before, but most of them are lengthy. So be prepared for a workout if you like to play for long, like I do.

- FazeDefeatz "8/10"

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