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Due To our web host banning adult content, our credit card processor has been disabled, effectively making PayPal/Venmo our default and only accepted payment method. Therefore, moving forward all content will also be sold through our free OnlyFans account. Thank you for understanding! Message us for more info!

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⚡ The Hero's Cape ⚡

Welcome to the official multimedia works of Everyone's Hero!
Here you'll find my cosplay work, FazeDefeatz video game reviews, and the official H.O.P. Models; Beautiful models from all around the world.
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Purchase any item on the wishlist and receive 1 set (30-50 photos) of any current or retired H.O.P. model. (Nude sets, or videos that are no longer available on the site, must be an item of $30 or more. Items less than $30 the Nude set will be cut in half (25 Photos) Receive 1 full shoot of any kind for items $50 or more! If the item is labeled "Highest Priorty" you'll receive double the rewards! Sets will be sent, once the item arrives. Please include a note with your email as well as the model/set you're interested in. Also feel free to message us on any platform. (Click Here for the Wishlist)