Atomic Heart Review (Playstation 5)

Atomic Heart Review (Playstation 5)

Story - A very interesting overall premise. I wish it was a bit more engaging. I felt bored at times. It's one of those experiences that would've been a better movie, than a game. Even though the ending left a giant cliffhanger, I'm not really interested in a sequel.

Gameplay - I was enticed by the Bioshock comparisons but was greatly disappointed by this game. I felt like everything that made Bioshock awesome, is everything this game was missing. The powers were lackluster, the weapon building was cool but was annoying that it forced you to explore a giant boring world for materials.

Graphics - They were cool at some points, but there were a lot of times where it looked like they didn't even give any effort at all.

Difficulty - The game was overall pretty difficult and not in a fun way. I would've loved to explore more but being constantly overrun by enemies really killed the overall experience. There were a few times that I was so overrun by enemies that it crashed my game.

- FazeDefeatz "5/10"

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