Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Review (Playstation 5)

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Review (Playstation 5)

Story - The story is amazing. I love all the feudal japan aspects. I personally pretended that I was playing as The Monkey King, and it kinda fit. They did a great job keeping you enthralled. I really wished your character had a voice. It would've added so much more to the story.

Gameplay - It's very addicting. Especially once you get comfortable with all the game mechanic's. Especially the parry/counter. You feel unstoppable once you get it down, and it's an amazing feeling. Going against a super hard boss, and having fun instead of being stressed is how a game should be. Having a big combat system was a really cool feature. I was scared that it would just be swords, but they added so many weapon types and combat styles, that add a different experience with each type. I really liked the assistant feature. As someone who doesn't really like multiplayer, I was great to have an array of NPC's to call for help, if needed. I loved the summon feature, it was one of my favorite aspects of the Nioh series, it was great to see them implement it in this as well.

Graphics - Amazing and beautiful. All of the levels look so well done. I found myself exploring just so I could look around. The characters, enemies and everything were all so great to just behold.

Difficulty - A lot of people compared this to fromsoftware's difficulty but it so much different. Fromsoftware is designed to make you upset, this game makes you feel awesome and skilled while doing seemingly minimal effort. You just have to learn your enemies and learn your particular skill set. I know that sounds like your garden variety From game, but From games you'll learn your enemy and still lose.

- FazeDefeatz "9/10"

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