Wild Hearts Review (Playstation 5)

Wild Hearts Review (Playstation 5)

Story - The story was actually amazing, but I wish they had done more with it. I understand stories aren't really implemented in hunter series type games but they had such an amazing cast with stories of their own, I just wish they all weren't so short. I also was really hoping that the protagonist would have a speaking voice. That always kinda kills it for me, but this game was so fun that I didn't mind.

Gameplay - I was never one to like the hunter series, but this game did it right. All the fights were an addicting challenge that made playing 8-10 hours straight felt like nothing. I loved how every weapon had its own style, that if trained, could make you a formidable force. I loved playing with over people and seeing how they played. Which says a lot, because I really don't like multiplayer. The most amazing aspect was structure building aspect. I was afraid it was just going to feel like Fortnite but the building mechanic was so smooth and seemless, it made the game that much more fun.

Graphics - Top notch all the way through. The worlds looked beautiful. The customization and armor builds were amazing. The enemies were extremely well done. Nothing in this was lacking as far a graphics. There were many times, where I just sat and looked at the environment.

Difficulty - The difficulty was perfect. As you grow, you got used to how to play and when you felt overpowered, the enemies would just introduce a new challenge to overcome. But it wasn't so bad that it would make you ragequit, because the challenge was just that much fun.

- FazeDefeatz "9/10"

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