Xuan Sword 7 Review (PS4)

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Xuan Sword 7 Review (PS4)

From DOMO Studio comes Xuan Sword 7, the first Western release of any title in the series! This game would've been amazing, 8/10 if it came out on the PS3, not saying it's bad in any way, it's just a bit dated in a more than one way. It's actually amazing when you look at the 8-bit turnbased game it used to be. This game got the FF7 treatment. Even the "Hack N Slash, with no jump mechanic" feature. That being said, I enjoyed it for the most part. The combat was addicting as well as repetitive. That's what you'd expect from a hack n slash, button masher. The story was okay. At times I felt like it dragged on, because the character moves kinda slow, and at times the characters literally repeated what they had said a moment ago. The premise was really cool but it was a bit rushed and left a lot of plot holes, had a lot of potential but just a bunch of missed opportunities. And honestly, I'm not sure if the dull-factor came from bad translation as many non-english games suffer from. The game itself wasn't too difficult, honestly I only really died on the final boss and even that was only 2 or 3 times. Overall I had fun, and for the $20 I got it for, it was worth it. 

- FazeDefeatz "6/10"

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