Trek to Yomi Review (Playstation 5)

Trek to Yomi -

Trek to Yomi Review (Playstation 5)

Story - I need to give it some slack for being an indie game. I was a cool story, but if you wrote it as a book, it would be 20 pages max. It felt extremely short, but it did a great job in the little time they gave you. Which is ironic, because at times it felt like it was dragging on. Because you kept feeling like it was the end, but it wasn't. I did enjoy that they had english VA's. It was getting difficult to enjoy the story when I had to read as well as fight.

Gameplay - It was actually kind of addicting, but after a while it felt super repetitive. That being said, it was actually a pretty fun side scroller. Especially if you love samurai games. I greatly think they tried to jump on the Ghost of Tsushima train with it's mechanics.

Graphics - This actually one the most visually pleasing side scrollers I've played. I wish they had done more close up cutscenes.

Difficulty - It's difficult to a point. Considering most of the time, you need to parry. but it's not so difficult that I would call it hard. You just gotta get used to it. I think through the whole game I died maybe 4 times.

- FazeDefeatz "6/10"

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