Thymesia Review (PS5)

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Thymesia Review (PS5)

Thymesia the gothic souls-like rpg from team17 is pretty much what you'd expect from an indie made souls like game. It was actually pretty addicting, and had an interesting story, as short as it was. I really enjoyed the semi-open environments, and the combat was pretty thrilling. I wish there was any sort of map system, because even though it was pretty linear, there were times when I spent a good amount of time running around in a circle and didn't realize it, but I guess that's just a testament to the environment. The boss cinematics were done really well. If they had made this into a full fledged game, it would've been amazing. But the lack of in depth story, or even just the fact that there's no voice acting kinda got to me. But It's fast paced nature is something I wish all the souls like games shared. The  clunky-ness of those games always put me off. I loved everything it did differently, while still keeping up with the norm of the genre. It was fun being OP and not having to spend hours upon hours to get there. Unfortunately, the game itself is probably 5-7 hours long. Definitely worth the small price of $30 but I assume it'll quickly go down, just because of it's indie status.

- FazeDefeatz "6.5/10"

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