The Quarry Review (PS5)

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The Quarry Review (PS5)

The Quarry; 2K's great successor to Until Dawn. It hit a lot of great points for the thriller narrative game it was trying to be. The visuals are beautiful, the story was actually pretty cool, it has a great cast, and overall I couldn't stop playing. These kind of games are definitely an acquired taste due to the fact that, there's really little "playing". It's all decisions, QTEs, with a little collectible hunting mixed in. When compared to Until Dawn, the story was much better, but Until Dawn comes out on top, in terms of horror. I didn't get scared at all playing The Quarry. It's kind of like I was expecting something to pop out and then nothing. It built suspense, and didn't utilize it. I've only done a few endings but I feel like a lot goes unanswered and some decisions, or paths actually had absolutely no impact on the story, or even worse the impact didn't matter. Until Dawn handled that a bit better as well. Though the replay-ability is through the roof, After 3 or 4 endings, you'll probably be able to predict everything. The biggest bad points; you can't skip or fast forward cutscenes, so if you're doing a collectible run, you'll have to sit through every single scene. Speaking of collectibles, they don't stay unlocked. So I got a good 85% of the collectibles on my first playthrough, but in order to get them all I need to start from 0 or hopefully star at the point from whe I missed one. Which leads to the next bad point; chapter select acts the same way. So if you replay a chapter, later chapters (as well as chapter select) become unavailable, until you go through the game again. So essentially there's no huge point in chapter select. Kind of annoying, but it's their way to justify the price. Definitely not worth the $70. I essentially paid for an 8-hour movie. But it is worth playing at least once if you have the chance. If you like these type of games, it's a must play.

- FazeDefeatz "7/10"

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