Tales of Arise Review (PS5)

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Tales of Arise Review (PS5)

Bandai Namco's praised Tales of series returns with Tales of Arise. A beautiful, amazingly brilliant masterpiece of a game. From the graphics, to the destiny fulfilling music. With stunning animations, over the top boss fights, This game hits every beat. But are we surprised? Tales games have almost always been gold. The story is so captivating, it kept me playing for 7-10 hour sessions. The combat felt a bit clunky at times, but it stayed true to the Tales style, so it wasn't really a bad point, especially with all the incredible in-fight animations. I felt like the story, main and side, was a bit fillery but once again, that's the style of this game. Overall, this game was amazing and actually worth the money. I got a solid 50 hours from it. Which seems like triple the amount games lately have been offering for same price. (Which could be a bad point for the new generations of gamers that like their games short.)

- FazeDefeatz "9/10"

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