Stray Review (PS5)

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Stray Review (PS5)

Stray, the cyberworld kitty simulator by BlueTwelve Studio. It's a very interesting take for a video game. It was a fun 3 or 4 hours but there's a lot I feel they could've done more. I was hoping we'd be able to understand the nameless cat. The story was actually pretty interesting but there was so much they didn't explain. What was the deal with the resident evil eyeball wall? Did we ever reunited with our kitty family? Why and how did the cats survive? Did any other animals survive? Are there actually no humans left? I could go on. The world was beautiful, collectible hunting was enjoyable and it was fun doing random cat things, but it got old pretty quick. I was also hoping for an ounce of action, at least one boss fight, but I quickly realized it wasn't that type of game. It's a kitty simulator with a story. I understand this game is going to get amazing ratings due to the fact that it's preying on the trending obsession with cats but I'm honestly happy that I didn't buy it. I even feel like $29.99 is a steep price for it. It felt like a $14.99 experience. but this this game was probably meant for children, and being so hungry for new titles, I expected more from this over hyped game.

- FazeDefeatz "6/10"

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