Star Ocean: The Divine Force Review (Playstation 5)

Star Ocean, The Divine Force -

Star Ocean: The Divine Force Review (Playstation 5)

Story - This story felt like a throwback to everything Star Ocean. I felt like I was playing 'til the end of time. I love the dual protagonist system, but I hate that it makes you play the game all over from scratch for the second character. I would've much rather a dual path system in a single playthrough. When the characters split, you get to play one character, and then play the other character to get the full story. But unfortunately, you miss the other half of the story unless you play the game all over again. I'm simply not a fan of forced 2nd playthroughs.

Gameplay - It was pretty addicting. I loved the massive cast that all had different combat styles. I also loved the create your own combo system. It's an excellent way to customize your gameplay that not a lot of games takes advantage of. With an extremely large map, I'm so glad they implemented and new flying system. I felt like the side quests were kind of blah and at times lacked so much direction that I didn't even bother doing them.

Graphics -The graphics were nice. But I felt like they were kind of dated. The mouths moved very lazily and I honestly felt like I was playing a first generation ps4 game. Luckily graphics aren't the most important thing for a game.

Difficulty - I beat the game on universe and the only boss that gave me any real trouble was the very first one. I didn't really do any upgrading and realized how important that was. The rest of the game, I pretty much just learned the boss and won on my second or third try. That being said though, I'm very glad that in normal square enix fashion, they didn't do a double final boss. The most difficult part of the game was during boss fights, despite how upgraded they were, all my allies would get wiped out with a single hit. A good number of boss fights were just me healing everyone.

- FazeDefeatz "8/10"

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