Soulstice Review (Playstation 5)

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Soulstice Review (Playstation 5)

Soulstice the action packed hack n' slash from Modus Games. It's one of the only games in a while that doesn't lie about what it is. It's a fast paced cinematic adventure thats pretty comparable to Devil May Cry. The addicting gameplay, makes the difficulty invisible. It was pretty intense but it was so fun, that it wasn't stressful. Which is a quality embraced by Devil May Cry. Not to mention, the gameplay got so chaotic that, becoming OP was pretty easy as you progressed. With the array of cool weapons, fighting was that more fun. I'm gonna say it again, just like Devil May Cry. The story was super interesting. No nonsense. It may seem short to some, but I really felt like it was the perfect length. Like an anime with no filler episodes. Very few times I felt the linearity was blah but the a battle started and washed that away. The game is visually appealing as well. Cinematic brilliance. Modus games, really knocked it out of the park. The only thing I wish is that there were more characters, and maybe customization options? but The game really didn't need it. I honestly hope they make this into a series somehow. I would love to play more.

- FazeDefeatz "9/10"

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