Soul Hackers 2 Review (Playstation 5)

Soul Hackers 2 -

Soul Hackers 2 Review (Playstation 5)

Story - The story was okay. I wanted to really like it, and for the most part I did, but at time it felt dragged on, and I actually found myself falling asleep. With my love for the Persona series, I expected to love the world and all the story elements, but for some reason, I found myself skipping a lot of the extra dialog. I couldn't find the characters interesting enough to care. And if you simplify the story, it really is similar to Persona 5. Just compare soul hacking, to stealing someone's heart.

Gameplay - I was really excited because I'm used to this kind of gameplay. but the elongated dungeons killed it for me. The game pretty much forces you to find every single dead end in every single dungeon. And when a monster pops up every two seconds, it got old really quick. Oddly enough, I found it addicting just running around. But it's definitely an acquired taste. I was hoping Atlus would show some new monsters, but it really just felt like I was playing Persona 5 in a different world. But I've come to understand that, Atlus worlds are in a sense pokemon where each game, just has the same monsters. I was a bit annoyed that because I missed 1 or 2 side missions I was locked out of the true ending. And due to the overall lackluster of the game, I really had no desire to go through it all again.

Graphics - I don't mind the graphic style of the game. It's one that just works and doesn't need to be approved upon.

Difficulty - I feel like, in true Aksys style they made every difficulty extremely hard, as a way to make the game longer. Even on easy mode, I would lose fights to mid level dungeon fights. I like that they made you pretty much immortal on easy mode. It made the fights a little blah, knowing you can't actually lose rips the experience apart. But I really didn't feel like grinding for a million hours just to get passed one boss fight...

- FazeDefeatz "7/10"

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