Sifu Review (PS5)

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Sifu Review (PS5)

From the developer Sloclap comes the beat'em up fighter Sifu. This game takes an interesting route in the way of fighters. You're essentially Immortal until you reach a certain aged, caused by losing a number of times. The graphics are beautiful, it was like playing through living art. The story is cool, but I felt like it was very quick and vague. I was invested but then it left a lot up to interpretation. This game would be amazing if it were a AAA title rather than an indie title. The difficulty was a big problem for most players, but I actually loved how it added to the overall challenge. I would love to see a more in depth sequel of sorts. This game definitely deserves it. Though seeing how it took about a day to 100% I wouldn't say it's worth the initial $40 price tag.

- FazeDefeatz "7/10"

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