Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Review (PS5)

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Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Review (PS5)

Frogwares 2021 title: Sherlock Holmes might be the best game of it's kind. That being said, I went into this game fearing it's length due to the stigma of having "Chapter One" in the title. This game is amazing, if it's your type of game. It really felt like you were playing straight out of a Sherlock Holmes novel. So you can expect it be slow, extremely puzzle filled, and narrative driven. It's definitely an acquired taste but it achieved what it was going for. I loved actually solving the cases and finding clues but it did get a bit tedious when the game didn't have any direction at all so you literally had to guess where to go, or who to talk to. Even though it gave you clues, it wasn't always clear. But that's just a part of being Sherlock Holmes. I wish they did more of a story, but that's what comes with being called "Chapter One" I would definitely give a second chapter a try. Maybe we'll see Irene Adler or Moriarty.

- FazeDefeatz "7/10"

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