Shadow Warrior 3 Review (PS4)

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Shadow Warrior 3 Review (PS4)

Shadow Warrior is back for a third quirky installment. Keeping up with its usual arcade-like style gameplay. It's the same game we love but unfortunately, it's not much more. I loved the first game, for what it was. An arcade samurai shooter. I skipped the second one, and jumped on the 3rd hoping for a fresh experience. I love the vibe and overall aesthetic but I feel like it's the same old game with no real improvements. I played through 3 levels, and it was so repetitive that I couldn't really bring myself to play more. For the $50 price tag I was a bit disappointed. Luckily it was available with PSNow so I only paid $10 to play it. For $20 it's a great game to pop on when you're bored and wanna kill some demons for a bit with no meaning whatsoever. From the repetitive gameplay, to the lackluster graphics. I can't help but feel this game was rushed but honestly, that's just how the game is.

- FazeDefeatz "5/10"

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