No More Heroes 3 Review (Nintendo Switch)

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No More Heroes 3 Review (Nintendo Switch)

The return of Suda 51's No More Heroes came in true Suda style. This over the top otaku hack n slash, has been one of my personal favorite games since I played the first one, on release day. Even though I loved every minute of this, there were a few down points of the game, when compared to the earlier two numbered installments. These all stem from my fear of it coming first to the Nintendo Switch. Switch games have been notorious for being condensed simply because of the power of the system. The customization kinda got thrown out the window. After getting a number of different Beam Katana's, and even at one point wielding two, made it disheartening to go through the whole game with a single Beam Katana. Then there weren't any actual levels, just rooms with fights. The level exploring was possibly the funnest part, because it was the main part of the game. Some of the cop-out boss battles were a bit disappointing but the story was so Suda that it almost made up for all the down points. But that's just from comparing it to old titles. If viewed on it's own, the game is incredible. The jobs, and exploring Santa Destroy and the other regions was as fun as ever. The immense amount of references to other non Suda games was enjoyable. The combat was still addicting and putting the game down was difficult. I'm sad that this may be the final installment but here's hoping for new and great things from the Legendary Suda 51.

- FazeDefeatz "9/10"

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