Neo: The World Ends With You Review (PS4)

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Neo: The World Ends With You Review (PS4)

The second installment of Square Enix's The World Ends With You series, was somewhat of masterpiece. From the story-telling, to the gameplay, even it's original soundtrack! This sequel did what many sequels fail to, it stayed true to formula, and imroved upon it. The multi-stlye combat, more than often, felt chaotic but it was done in a way, that made it addictive. I had hoped they'd give more cutscenes. The living comic art style isn't used enough, and I loved how they did it. At times, the reading felt a little overbearing, to the point where I kinda dozed off, but I feel like that's a norm for Square Enix games. Even so, the story was still compelling to say the least. For an old head like me, the modern day, millennial speech put in the game was a bit much. I'm hoping this series finds a way to continue!

- FazeDefeatz "8/10"

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