Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Review (PS5)

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Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Review (PS5)

The newest edition to the superhero video game collection, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy from Square Enix does an amazing job on a lot of points. The story rivals that of the movies. Both in how it felt, as well as how it was executed. It had all the classic GOTG characteristics, from the 80's feeling, to the copyrighted songs we all love, and the constant "I'm part of a team" mentality. With that being said, I was disappointed that you only play as Star-Lord. Was hoping for a switch between characters type game. The gameplay was somewhat addicting, but it felt a tad repetitive. I wish there were more missions rather than "Go here and fight" but that's just the style of the game. I also wish there more flying the ship type stuff. The only real bad points I had was, the decisions didn't carry any weight at all. Not knowing that, makes them feel real but once you realize it, it definitely kills that aspect. Also there is A LOT of chatter that kept getting cutoff. Either by progressing a little too far, or doing any other action. So if you're a fan of listening to small tidbits of random story like me, be careful. If they are talking, just don't move hahah Overall the game was well done. Kinda short, but a must play for any fan of Guardians of the Galaxy.

- FazeDefeatz "8/10"

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