Madison Review (PS5)

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Madison Review (PS5)

Madison the first person psychological horror from BLOODIOUS GAMES is great game for those who love games like PT. It had a very interesting story, it kind of felt like it went off path a few times, and such is the fate of almost all indie games, it didn't feel complete and left a lot unsaid. The gameplay was fun, I love the interactive environments, and the picture aspect was genius. My favorite part was when I'd take a random photo and it was actually a jump scare. I do kind of feel like they overdid the jump scares at some points. It got so bad that it took away from the fear and became predictable. Also, not really a bad point, but there were a few points, where I had absolutely no clue what to do, I was literally just running around hoping something would make sense, but that's the puzzle appeal of this genre of gaming. Overall it was an amazing game. Kinda short, my first playthrough was under 6 hours, and since there's a speed run trophy for under 2.5 hours, tells you how quick it can be done. There's a bit of replay-ability if you're a trophy hunter but for me it's a one or two time experience.

- FazeDefeatz "7/10"

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