Horizon II: Forbidden West Review (PS5)

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Horizon II: Forbidden West Review (PS5)

From the powerhouse studio: Guerilla Games comes Horizon II: Forbidden West. A picture perfect sequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn. There's a lot to say about this masterpiece of a game. Every aspect of the game is top rated. From the story, to the gameplay, the music, and the mindblowingly fast load times. This was such an amazing experience. The gameplay was so incredibly fast paced that playing for 10+ hours straight only felt like 5. The story did a beautiful job tying in things from the first game. While all the added story kept up with the brilliant narrative that made me just never want to stop playing. Even each side mission felt like it was part of Aloy's tale rather than just something extra to do. The graphics and music were so beautifully done that I didn't mind walking instead of finding a mount. And it's not something I normally care about, but the loading times? Seemingly nonexistent. Considering how massive the world is, it's quite the achievement. I'm looking forward to how the studio continues this greatness. Whether it be another Horizon, or another title altogether. They've outdone themselves and many other hard hitters out there. I think the ONLY bad point about this game was I moved so quickly, at times the dialog between characters got cut. So slow down!

- FazeDefeatz "10/10"

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