Gotham Knights Review (Playstation 5)

Gotham Knights -

Gotham Knights Review (Playstation 5)

Story - I liked how they incorporated other villians, but I didn't like that they were made to be side missions, rather than part of the main story. Even though ech one was done like a story mission. The overall story was really cool, but it all felt really short. I also didn't like that, even though there were 4 main characters, it pretended there was only one. Even the whole ending, only showed the one character you used. Which kinda messed up my experience because I used Batgirl for 90% of the game and for the finale I used Nightwing so it felt all wrong. I was hoping they'd intergrate each character into the story. Like this story mission needs to be played as Robin, and the you gotta use Batgirl to save him, and then in the ending, each would have their own role. Completey lost me on that.

Gameplay - At first, I really liked it, until I played more and it started to feel like a really slow version of any of the Arkham games. The fighting really seemed slow. But it's not horrible once you get used to it. I was hoping they wouldn't go to far with the multiplayer aspect. It almost felt the other 3 characters didn't matter because I never used them. I also didn't like their travel system. Felt like a great value spider-man. Even their upgraded systems were blah and at times tedious.

Graphics - They were alright. It kinda felt like I was playing a remastered Arkham game.

Difficulty - Some of the boss fights were tough. but it was just a dodge until they stop attacking fest.

- FazeDefeatz "6/10"

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