Forspoken Review (Playstation 5)

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Forspoken Review (Playstation 5)

Story - .I really liked the story. I enjoyed every aspect of it. It kept me interested enough that I always wanted to see what was next. I personally didn't find the commentary annoying. Ironically if you pay attention to the game, if you find cuff annoying then the game did it's job. But in true Square Enix fashion, it was actually a masterpiece.

Gameplay - A lot of different opinions from gamers on the gameplay. I didn't find it difficult to understand. It was actually very reminiscent of Kingdom Hearts. The combat styles were different but I found all the different spells really fun to wield. I only wish they implemented all your powers more into the actual story. The we such a massive world, and even though there's a million side things to do, I finished the story with MAYBE exploring 45% of it and almost never using some of the cool moves I unlocked.

Graphics - In true Square Enix fashion the cut-scenes were movie quality. The rest of the game and the overall world were beautiful, but I kinda felt at times took a step down.

Difficulty - I mean it had it's moments, but I played through the whole game in hard without altering the options and only the very last boss gave me issues. But some baddies in the field definitely rivaled the difficultly of story bosses.

- FazeDefeatz "8/10"

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