Foreclosed Review (Playstation 5)

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Foreclosed Review (Playstation 5)

Foreclosed, the cyber-tech, corporate espionage gunner is an interesting game. It has a little bit of cyberpunk, a little bit of Control, and so many other elements wrapped up in a 4 hour experience. The gameplay was actually fun, the powers you get were kinda blah, but they added to the gameplay. I liked the narrative, but was confused why the main character didn't actually speak. The story had potential, but it fell short at almost every corner. The decisions and dialogue choices had absolutely no weight or consequences. They were basically moral choices, that didn't hit. The game as a whole felt like DLC to a game I've never played. So to say, the story itself went so fast and with almost no backstory, it felt like a side story to something much bigger. I would've loved it, if it were closer to a AAA title, unfortunately, it being an indie title, was it's downfall. It's definitely worth playing, just don't pay too much for it. I'm sure it'll be free on PS+ soon.

- FazeDefeatz "5/10"

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