Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core; Reunion (Playstation 5)

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Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core; Reunion (Playstation 5)

Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core Reunion is the prime example of how remakes should be made. Square Enix does it again with this nostalgia title. I remember playing the original version on PSP and already thought the game was ahead of it's time. Playing now, is refreshing in every way. The gameplay is addictive, the story is amazing, the graphics are beautiful, and the music is on point all the way through. I may fall victim to being biased, but this game seems to be the perfect execution of any remake that's been done. It's great for returing fans, and great for new ones. You can't really ask for a better game than that. The ONLY thing I didn't like about this game, is the voice actor they choose for Zack. I unfortunately just couldn't get used to the actor they chose, but the greatness of the game overshadowed that.

- FazeDefeatz "10/10"

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