Everforward Review (PS5)

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Everforward Review (PS5)

From Pathea Games comes EverFoward the heart ending story that leaves 80% up to interpretation. But that's this genre of games. Extreme puzzler with a sad, mysterious heartfelt story. The graphics are beautiful and the puzzles are quite challenging until you get used to everything. My problem with these games is that, the way they are built is that you could be doing to right thing, but it just won't work. I found myself doing the right method, but the conclusion just didn't stick, so I repeated the process over and over until it finally just clicked. I would've liked a little more elaboration on the story, though we got the small gist of it, I would've loved more depth. But the abstractivity of it all, is the core of these games appeal. Since the getting the platinum took all but 3-4 hours, I kinda feel like this was just someone's side project they made in a day. Sadly, there was a glitch in my character in the end. She was missing an eye and the bottom half of her head was gone but her upper mandable was still there. So she looked like a messed up skeleton. It actually killed the whole ending for me. But who am I to complain, I got the game for free. All in all, I actually liked it, I just wish they had done more with it.

- FazeDefeatz "5/10"

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