Elden Ring Review (PS5)

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Elden Ring Review (PS5)

FromSoftware's next hit; Elden Ring is a masterpiece wrapped up in a blanket of enjoyable stress. I'm a fan of the soulsbourne type of games [Favs; Sekiro, BloodBourne, Nioh], so I was excited to play this ever since it got announced in 2019. The game is beautiful in every way a FromSoftware game could be. The gameplay is addicting. With so many different play styles, it makes for a fun experience, with an added challenge cherry on top. The graphics are amazing, the whole world looks magnificent. The massive story and its countless side characters with mysterious interwoven elements, make for the perfect, yet at times perplexing narrative. 100 hours into the game, and there was still so much I hadn't done. Though there are some FromSoftware elements I wish they had done away with. The big one, is no quest log or even character dossier. With such a massive game, it's almost impossible to keep track of the requests/quests you're doing without some sort of log. Even more difficult to remember all the faces you've met. I had to use a notepad app on my phone to keep track of everything, kinda made the game feel like homework. Even doing that, I had characters die because I forgot about them and progressed too far. Now, as far as difficulty goes, this is by far the easiest title FromSoftware has released. Since you have almost complete freedom from the get-go, becoming overpowered was as simple as running around defeating anything within your skill set. Not to mention, they made any sort of magic based build overpowered. I chose the samurai strength build, so my experience was a bit more aggressive. Not saying it's easy, it's just more of a challenge, than hard. This ended up being my second favorite FromSoftware title (Sekiro is #1) and I loved every minute of it.

- FazeDefeatz "10/10"

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