Deathloop Review (PS5)

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Deathloop Review (PS5)

Bethesda's new hit title: Deathloop got me excited from the get go. It looked like a funky Dishonored game, and I loved Dishonored. Upon playing and discovering it was a Rouge-like game, kinda depleted a few cool points for me. Personally, I don't like Rouge-Like/Lite games because nowadays developers use it as an excuse to charge top prices for what could be a short game. Proof in the pudding is many gamers reported getting the platinum trophy only after a few days after the games initial release. Despite my bias for Rouge-like/lite games, I actually really like this game, not only because it's pretty much a Dishonored copy & paste, but the concept and story are really cool. Being a pseudo-Detective and trying to create "The perfect day" is pretty interesting, Unfortunately, like I stated, many gamers figured the formula out quickly which made it a fast experience. Luckily the game is riddled with side stuff to keep the average gamer occupied for a good while.

- FazeDefeatz "7/10"

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