Asterigos Review (Playstation 5)

Asterigos -

Asterigos Review (Playstation 5)

Story - Asterigos actually had a pretty interesting story. Most of the time I loved all the side stories and how they could have different outcomes based on your decisions or how you did things. It was a bit annoying when they game gave absolutely no direction and it ended up making the mission go sideways. I wish they didn't pull a dark souls, and have most of the story in the form of documental lore. It made the game feel dragged on, especially if you're a completionist.

Gameplay - I loved all of the different play styles you could do. Even though, like the majority, I defaulted to using spells. I would've loved a better sword option, but it felt too clunky to be a good option for my combat style. I really wish they had some sort of map. I was lucky enough to find my way most of the time, but I easily got lost without even realizing it. And I loved how they did the side mission synopsis but I wish they had given more detail about completion. There were a ton of side missions, I thought I completed and it turns out I didn't. As fun as this game was, I'm not in a rush for round 2.

Graphics - The whole time I was playing this, I felt like I was playing Immortals: Fenyx Rising. from the gameplay, to the graphics, and even the character design. Not really a bad thing. Just an observation.

Difficulty - The game had the potential to be really difficult, but if you've played any game at all, you can pretty much learn the system and overcome it, Especially if you go the spell route. The final boss was definitely a fun challenge but it only took me 2 tries. The most difficult part of the game was trying to figure out where to go.

- FazeDefeatz "7/10"

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