A message from The Hero

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A message from The Hero

Effective immediately, all photo shoot scheduling will be suspended. Here at The Hero's Cape, we consider each model like an employee and we care deeply about their safety. I feel the best course of action is to halt all shoots until this Covid situation is resolved. Luckily, there's enough digital content that we may survive this. I will do my best to market so that, not only will the site stay profitable, but the models who receive sale commissions will also have a little extra financial help. I deeply apologize for the models under the content creator contracts, and I hope your subscription services don't suffer from this. As stated in the contract, if you need tips and tricks, contact me and we can discuss moves you can make during this time.
Regarding concerns on the release of our 2nd issue of Everyone's Hero [The Magazine] unfortunately the current situation may result in a late arrival resulting in a delayed release. We will update you as we can.
Side note for the Facebook and personal Instagram viewers. I apologize to those who outwardly, and silently don't approve of the work I do. There will be more frequent posting during this time.
- Everyone's Hero


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